Gwyn Kohr Fine Art
As an artist, Gwyn Kohr creates textural paintings that are evocative of nature. Landscapes, water, and the vegetation surrounding us, all provide inspiration for her work. She also encompasses the idea of the inner world, or subconscious influence as well. The meditative, rhythmic quality of her oil paintings on canvas, are both contemplative and intriguing through the richly textured surfaces. Within the fluid space of each piece she achieves a balance and integration between form and non-form, abstraction and representation. Using a variety of tools, the thick layers of paint are built up and then scraped through to create sensual, compelling textural surfaces. They remind the viewer of a collective space somewhere in the passage of time. Horizontal bands of color in the many underlying layers of paint on the surface evoke the feeling of landscapes. Simple yet complex, meditative yet full of energy; Gwyn's paintings are visual poetry. The work conveys an energy whose subtle intensity is reflected back to the viewer, creating a sense of restful familiarity. Each time you look at the work you see something different, something new. Therefore, there is always an element of mystery, along with a sense of tranquility, which engages the viewer.